HI EVERYONE, and welcome to the guestroom of our palatial estate!

This is where you can submit to have a guest post published at this site, but before you go any further, you must know:


If you’re still reading past that point, then I can only assume we’ve already talked about having you guest post. If not, you’re welcome to ask by CONTACTING ME HERE. Please don’t submit using the space below unless you’ve already been invited to do so.

Okay, you’ve been invited to submit something to this site, so here you are. Welcome! First, there are a few things to point out:

  1. The most important thing to know is that if you submit something to me and I publish it here, I OWN IT. That’s not my idea, it’s just the law. I have no intention of taking any composition I haven’t written myself and making a book out of it, but you need to be aware that I could.

    I publish all guest posts with a link back to you and byline, along with a copyright notice followed by your name. That’s just to help you feel better about it, but I’ll still own it. Silly law.

    2. That being the case, it’d be best if you didn’t submit anything here that you have published elsewhere, or intend to publish elsewhere. It should be exclusive. Keep in mind that you get a pointer and byline, so if people like what they read from you here they can easily jump over to your site and read all the awesome stuff you have there.

    3. I’m not fond of politics, extreme ‘adult’ content, or any hateful kind of speech that would fall under bigotry, racism, homophobia, ETC. but if you’ve been invited to submit here, then I already know you probably won’t venture into anything like that.

    4. I must reserve the right to edit, correct grammar and so on, unless it’s purposeful to serve the context of your piece. Funny is good. Satire is great. Poetry is awesome.

Okay, ready? Here’s what you do.

Copy/paste your submission into the form below, AFTER providing the following information:


    The name you want to publish under and a little about you. Mine reads, “DW Rhodes, the author of many books that have not yet been written.”
  2. A link back to where you hang out. Of course, my link would be, which is where you are at the moment.

So that’s it. Use the form below to submit, and I’ll be in touch. I will need your email address to respond, but that won’t be published unless you want it to be. It’s just for me to get back to you.

Finally, please don’t submit anything less than 500 words or over 2000. And with that, IT’S TIME TO SUBMIT:

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