You mean FORMER Tour Guide, right?


Because it’s official. Corona Virus has got us, but just not medically… yet.

Here and there throughout this blog I state that I’ve been a San Francisco Tour Guide since 2013. Now I need to amend all of that to “FORMER tour guide.” News just came down today that thousands of us have been laid-off until further notice.

Headquartered in London, my employer, BIG BUS TOURS is sacking live tour guides on their buses world-wide, including all operations in the USA. New York, Chicago, Miami, ETC., and San Francisco.

Our fellow employees who sell tickets and staff hotel concierge desks have gotten the axe too. It all seems pretty big, but that along with the news that the entire country of Italy has sealed its borders and closed EVERY.DAMNED.RESTAURANT (IN ITALY!!!), well, it tracks.

Meanwhile, the NBA took basketball out behind the stadium and shot it.

Also, Jimmy Fallon taped ‘The Tonight Show’ with NO LIVE AUDIENCE. ZZZZZZzzzzz…..

So on, and so forth.

Yeah, I’m pretty freaked-out here, but trying to go into it with a positive attitude, which is kind of hard to muster up at the moment. Aside from the whole ‘world imploding from a damned pandemic’ thing, I’m just thinking about the whole unemployment thing too, because here’s some news for you in case you weren’t aware; being homeless really sucks.

Jack is a homeless man who frequents Fisherman’s Wharf of San Francisco / Photo by DW Rhodes

So here we are, wrapping up this week by doing things to forge ahead. Filing for unemployment, looking at assistance programs, hitting the job market as of Monday, and so on, all while washing our hands like never before and trying to avoid sneezy people.

NOTE: Dorian is avoiding all people, because we have chosen self-quarantine for her for the time being.

The company didn’t want to tape a sign on the door on Friday that literally says, “GO AWAY,” so they were nice enough to give a couple of days notice, which is unusual in this type of lay-off. I’m still working on a tour bus Thursday and Friday, but the final curtain call for me will be Friday evening and then the future is wide open.

I hold no animosity of course, with thousands of fellow staffers in the same boat bus, I’m certainly not taking this personally. Also, in the grand scheme of things and trying to maintain that positive attitude, at least the two of us haven’t yet gotten this damned virus, as far as we know.

But from the looks of it, that could abruptly change.

So I shall forge ahead, keep writing and hoping to get a darned book out eventually (maybe the timing is good after-all?) and take it all one day at a time.



3 Comments on “You mean FORMER Tour Guide, right?

  1. As an additional note, I didn’t work the Friday. They closed me out Thursday afternoon, so here I am, sitting at home, typing this comment and wondering where in the hell to go from here.

    *Opens Microsoft Word, stares at blank page for an hour*

  2. Ye shall prevail throughout these trials and tribulations of overreaction by both gubmint and peoples–no doubt.

    My best to you and Dorian.

    • Thanks Kirk. Now that you’ve gotten by moderation here at the new place, don’t be a comment stranger 😛

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