Our Busy, BUSY Friends

Hi everyone. I haven’t posted in a while, which you’ll understand when I tell you that things have been absolutely wild around here.

First of all, Dorian and I are very concerned about our friend Dean. He can’t seem to get rid of the Archangel Michael, who inhabited his ‘meat suit’ some time back but Dean managed to lock him away in a walk-in refrigeration unit in the back room of the dream bar Dean has in his head, but it’s only temporary.

Michael is very strong and he keeps busting at that door, all day long. It’s inevitable that he’s going to bust it down any time now, and then we’re all in trouble.

So what does Dean DO?

He had a drastic plan but his brother, Sam, found out about it, so now he’s trying to talk Sam into helping him, and Sam wants nothing to do with it.

It would appear that Dean has gone over the edge, but also it appears to be the only way to avoid the mass destruction that is sure to ensue as soon as Michael finally busts down that door… in the imaginary bar… in Dean’s head.

Dean’s brother, Sam, tries to talk him out of his impulsive idea.

We had to leave Sam and Dean to sort that last night because then we’d gotten word that our friend Jim and his crew of the Martian ship they originally salvaged is headed for trouble.

That danged proto-molecule is wreaking havoc with the galaxy, and Jim and crew managed to save most of the kids who were kidnapped to feed it (except one poor young fellow), but the darned thing built a mysterious ring near Saturn and only one pilot has flown through it so far, getting instantly ripped to shreds, so no one else wants to try it.

That’s totally understandable, so we’re not going to try it either.

Jim thinks he’s hallucinating because someone from the past keeps popping up, and we’re all like, ‘NO JIM, YOU’RE NOT IMAGINING THIS… it’s probably that pesky PROTO-MOLECULE, dude!’

We were in the middle of trying to figure out how to help Jim and his crew survive this whole thing, when suddenly a very dear old friend of ours wandered into a bit of a mess, right here back on Earth.

Jean-Luc is a retired Admiral who was content to enjoy his golden years gently watching over his vineyard in France, when suddenly this young woman shows up, and she doesn’t even know why.

When a group of assassins broke in to her apartment, she killed them with some mad skills she didn’t know she had, and then she went to France to find Jean-Luc. Nobody told her to do that; she just went.

She and Jean Luc visited San Francisco, and it was nice to host them, but they seemed distracted by a weird painting that Jean-Luc’s robot friend had painted years ago.

The was because that young woman IS IN THE PAINTING, which is really weird because she’s only about 25 years old, yet the painting is 30 years old and there she is, portrayed in it looking exactly as she does now.

It’s a mystery that Jean-Luc needs to get to the bottom of, so Dorian and I proposed that the girl just may have a twin sister, and maybe he should go find her? So he said he was going to, but we haven’t heard back yet. We’re going to check-in with him this evening to see how it’s going.

Jean-Luc has been a dear friend for so many years, we only hope the best for him, so in a while we’re going to go help him find that mysterious girl from the painting.

So yeah, things have been quite thrilling around here lately, but we’re glad to have friends like Sam and Dean, Jim and his crew, and Jean Luc, who really seem to know what they’re doing.

But BOY OH BOY do they get into some pickles!

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