I worked in broadcasting and theatrical sound production for about ten years, so I understand how important a good audio editor can be.

Sadly, when a POLITICO PODCAST news update uploaded for June 26th of 2020, Producer/Editor Olivia Reingold seemed to have missed the all important step of whacking down her voice copy with a razor blade.

Oh wait, that’s how I USED TO DO IT, and that’s just how long ago it was. *sigh*

How this uploaded without going through that important editing stage is beyond me, but if you’ve never worked in a studio like this, you’ll have an idea of what an editor does all day. They take all those little “three.. two.. ones..” and cut, cut, and CUT until the talking head reading the copy sounds smooth as silk.

Try doing this in 1985 as I did, Olivia. It wasn’t as easy, but then again, anyone reading copy knew it wouldn’t be such a whiz to edit, so there were a lot fewer of those little burps, and we didn’t have the luxury of uploading, saying ‘whoops!’ and then delete/reload. When it went out over the air live, that was it. If you goofed, the person who answered the phones would get slammed, and come rushing into the studio to ask what the hell happened.

Politico’s Olivia Reingold.. 3, 2, 1… talks about Amazon’s … oops, 3, 2, 1… Amazon’s COVID trecking, darn… 3, 2, 1… tracking technology that, uh… OKAY DANGIT, THREE, TWO, ONE… tracking technology, and also the obvious need for an audio editor.

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