I had another one of those phishing schemes come in again, and although I’m sure it won’t be anything surprising to you because we all get them, I find this particular approach to be very entertaining.

Mostly because it comes from the assumption that I have been watching ‘naughty things’ online, and the other assumption that I have money to pay off in blackmail, and yet another assumption that I would actually care if anyone knew I had been watching those ‘naughty things.’

Here it is in its entirety, copy/pasted with bad grammar and misspellings intact. Enjoy.

FROM< Caron Repp <>

Transfer $1000 in bitcoin to the listed below address:

(Email and link obscured by me, Dave.)

Copy and paste it, and remove * from it. .

You could be questioning why the hell would you do that?

Well, put together yourself due to the fact I am going to move your entire world now. I had a threatening adware infect your computer system as well as record movie of YOU (using your web camera) whilst you browsed ‘adult’ websites.

This is one of your own pass word h60itn33

Nevertheless don’t believe me? Reply 7 and I will be randomly share your video clip with the people you’re friends with (Yes, We’ve access to your address book also).

Now, what do I want to get this to whole thing disappear? Very well, I have already mentioned the particular offer in beginning of the e-mail. If you dont fulfill it within 24 hours, I will make your life hell by sending that video clip to Every person you know. Your time begins now.

I’ve had this in a draft folder because it actually showed up in April and I’ve been meaning to post something snarky, but just kind of shoved it away and forgot about it. Point is, my life isn’t hell almost four months later, at least in the sense that the spammer/phisher implied it would be, so I guess it was all just made up? Shocking!

I have to say that whoever wrote the previous attempt of this sort was quite polite, as opposed to this person. Last time I got one, it was like, “Sorry to have to do this to you, but after you pay the Bitcoin I will let the whole matter drop and you can be on your way to continue enjoying adult movies and I won’t show your clip to anyone, I promise!” It was like it was written by Tom Hanks.

In this one, I really enjoyed the straight-to-the-point, rake you over the coals approach; “…I will make your life hell by sending that video clip to Every person you know. Your time begins now.”

But a couple of things that are just so puzzling…

If something like this were real you’d think the blackmailer (add that to spammer/phisher) would actually show me the alleged video clip. Wouldn’t that carry a lot more weight? Although in my case perhaps not, because it’d really just be a clip of me staring at the screen, which is pretty boring stuff. I don’t even get invited to Zoom meetings anymore; “There’s nothing to see here folks, head on back to your homes.

If you got access to my contacts, as also alleged, how about throwing a few of them up to show me?

Nope. Of course not.

The password is not one I’ve used, ever. The last time I got one of these – the Tom Hanks version – they actually had an old password of mine that I’d last used around 2005. It was in one of those internet breaches you hear about, so when I read about the breach (long ago) it was something I’d actually used online, so I got rid of that password and never used it again. This was about a decade before I got the spam/phish/blackmail notice.

As for Bitcoin, I have a vague Idea of what that is. Is 1000 Bitcoin like a thousand dollars or so? I dunno, but… HAHA! <– at the assumption that I have any money at all, I’ve been unemployed since March just like so many of you.

Yeah, it’s just a ridiculous, silly phishing attempt to extort funds from me that I don’t actually have in the first place, but I guess the most perplexing thing about it is that SOME PEOPLE MUST ACTUALLY FALL FOR IT, ‘else they wouldn’t bother. Right?

You will find them out there at rallies and shopping in grocery stores without masks, during a pandemic, after being continuously warned by health officials that it’s extremely dangerous to be in public without a mask at all. Apparently those are the type of people who will fall for anything, so ‘Caron Rep’ at, go for it! They’re just waiting to transfer all their Bitcoin to you; just don’t ask them to wear a mask while doing it.

Fisherman photo on top (poorly altered by me) by Snapwire on

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