This Is Rhodester

Rhodester, aka DW Rhodes, AKA Dave, is the author of numerous books that haven’t yet been written.

He was once kidnapped by aliens but they threw him back.

If you were to know him in real life, as some people do, you too would chalk his behavior up to the implants the aliens left in his skull.

Over the years Dave has served as a sailor in the United States Navy, a store clerk, security guard, broadcast board operator and producer…

*takes a deep breath*

professional mime, disc jockey, theatrical sound designer and stage actor…

*another deep breath…*

security supervisor in Hollywood, Hollywood background actor, aka ‘extra,’ in film and television, night watchman at an RV dealership, hotel security…


And until CORONA reared its ugly, yet really beautiful head (look under a damned scanning electron microscope, it’s like, WOW!) as a tour guide in the great city of San Francisco.

Yes, he’s exhausted but he stills finds the time to write strange things.

Dave lives in San Francisco with Mrs. Dave and a cat.

Mrs. Dave goes by “coffeesister” online, but also “Dorian Dorey” if you prefer. She writes some pretty awesome poetry under that name, which you can find on her blog IMPAIRED POET, and her TWITTER.

woman in black leaning against a window

This be Mrs. Dave, aka Dorian Dorey, aka @coffeesister

Dave has every intention of getting some books out, as the years wane and the sun sets on his youth. Writing this blog is a part of working toward that goal, so this is a good place to follow DW Rhodes as an author and keep up on book releases, notes, and all of that fun stuff.


  • HERE’s what you’ll find at this site…
  • DAVE The SCRIBE is where you’ll find the essays, whimsical and otherwise. It’s all just life observation.
  • DAVE The STORYTELLER holds fiction: short stories and serials.
  • DAVE The POET is where we stash the poetry. DORIAN DOREY is a much better poet though, so remember, you can find her stuff HERE.

You can follow DAVE via TWITTER or FACEBOOK and keep up with new posts that way, or just subscribe to DAVE BLOG via EMAIL or RSS.

If you’d prefer to contact Dave privately, then type things into the form below, you little monkey.


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