Why I Write

Hi, I’m Dave.

I’ve always liked writing silly things, going back to the time I wrote silly things in crayon on my bedroom wall when I was four-years-old and got spanked for it. Dad yelled a lot and it made mom sad, but despite all that, I continue to write silly things to this day.

That was a long time ago — the Dick Van Dyke Show was playing in primetime — and I’m big enough now that I don’t use crayons and walls. I use a laptop instead and zing things out over a mysterious entity called “The Internet.”

I’ve had varying degrees of success with this whole writing thing over the decades. My first taste of victory came when I wrote an essay called “The Rocket-Turner” in eighth grade, which was about a classmate named Ken Turner who got into model rockets and almost burned the school down with one that went astray.

Our teacher, Mr. Hedlund, liked it so much he laughingly read it aloud to the whole class and I got a lot of back-slapping that day along with an A+ from Mr. Hedlund and the admiration of the prettiest girl in class, Letty Turner.

She was no relation to Ken the rocket scientist.

My favorite class in high school was English, with Drama coming in a close second, while the purpose of PE class and any sporting activities completely eluded me. I went to a basketball game once and fell asleep.

A stint in the US Navy distracted me for a few years but upon discharge, I charged head-on into performing arts and more writing, with some small plays being published in the eighties that were produced in the United States among theatrical circles.

Shortly thereafter I landed a gig as a mime at San Diego’s SeaWorld, back when they used to torment Orcas and had mimes, and then I did a few years on-air at a handful of radio stations, where I used to write advertising copy, which is every bit as exciting as it sounds.

Today I find myself married to the love of my life, who is my life-coach and inspiration. Her name is Dorian and we’ve been together since 1989. That’s a long time in human years.

I proposed to her on the radio while I was hosting an overnight music show near Fresno California, and she called into the station and accepted my proposal on-air. It was the weirdest radio contest ever because I don’t know of any other contest where the listener was the prize.

We tied the proverbial knot in June of 1990, and although we have to give it a tug every now and then when it starts to loosen up we try to keep it as tight as possible.

Since 2010 we’ve lived in San Francisco where I’m employed with a tour company, hosting tours on buses and telling silly stories about this amazing city on an almost daily basis. I still dig writing and am working toward a book or two, or more, to eventually be published.

So, that all being what it is, welcome to my site and BLOG. Grab a drink and stay awhile.

You can visit my other half at The Purple Poetess 

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